5th District candidates open their wallets to the public

The seat was left open. candidates who made headlines for their own campaigns, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York City and Michigan’s Abdul El-Sayed in Michigan. According to the Hartford.

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 · Candidates continue to declare their intentions to run and file with the state Board of Elections and city Campaign Finance Board. While filing a campaign committee with the Campaign Finance Board happens on a rolling basis, the most recent filing deadline for financial disclosures was mid-August.. City Council District 8 – open seat (held.

the largest city in the 5th Congressional District. They plan several more debates in October. It is their first public appearance together after months of television ads attacking each candidate..

 · Texas will hold its 2018 primary elections on March 6 – the first state in the country to do so – and hundreds of candidates across the state have filed to run for public office. Below are the candidates who have filed for the Democratic and Republican primaries for statewide, congressional and legislative offices and the State Board of Education.

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In NYC, Queens will have its first competitive primary for District Attorney since 1955 with a wide field of eight candidates. countywide races and a 5th district contest remain uncompetitive..

In anticipation of the citywide election on Tuesday, April 10, the Post sent out questions to the City Council candidates from each district with seats up for election (districts three, five and seven). In Part II of Getting to Know your candidates, the Post finds out where the candidates stand on issues affecting the Fifth District.

Candidates Wendy Myers, left, Dan Stephenson and Randall L. Miller, answers questions in a public setting ahead of an election for magisterial district judge at Elizabethtown Middle School.

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 · This third installment of the “Bundy’s Buddies” series profiles four nonincumbent candidates for office who recently won their party’s nomination for competitive elections in the American West and who believe that federal lands should be seized by states or sold off to the highest bidder.