​Malaysia seeks general feedback on the organization of ICO

Latest News. 15 March 2019. Malaysian regulator seeks feedback on ICO framework. The Securities Commission of Malaysia has issued a consultation, which discusses the proposed framework for the eligibility of issuers, the need for transparent and adequate disclosures as well as utilisation of proceeds of the initial coin offerings

The International Organization of securities commissions (iosco) held a meeting this past week of the Growth and Emerging Markets (GEM) Committee.. Malaysia Seeks Feedback on Proposed ICO.

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Malaysia will regulate issuances of digital assets via initial coin offerings (ICO) and the trading of digital assets at digital asset exchanges in the country, regulators said Thursday. Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and Bank Negara Malaysia, the central bank, said that regulations are.

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The Securities commission malaysia (sc) today published two consultation papers to seek public feedback on the frameworks for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and property crowdfunding. 12 february 2019 SC Chairman elected to leadership role in international standard setting body

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Malaysian regulator seeks feedback on ICO framework. Latest News. 12 December 2018. Malaysia to regulate ICOs. The Securities Commission Malaysia and the Bank Negara Malaysia have announced that they will regulate issuances of digital assets via initial coin offerings and that regulations are being drafted to bring digital assets within the remit of securities laws

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