A third of Aussies looking to buy a home this year

The major bank has "simplified" its mortgage offering for first home buyers, introducing new owner-occupied products and withdrawing som. A third of Aussies looking to buy a home this year Jun 13 2019

"We found that over a third of Australians (37 per cent) have bought a brand online they wouldn’t usually buy because it was on sale, which is huge for smaller retailers wanting to build brand awareness and win new customers," Cowan said in a statement.

Housing is now very expensive in Melbourne and Sydney and the ability to buy a home without going into mortgage stress has decreased significantly over the past few years. Affordability is changing demand. This is changing the way people look on our site, with more affordable locations seeing a rapid rise in popularity.

And while sellers know it’s important to play up key features such as a swimming pool, many vendors neglect to emphasise some of the more mundane things home buyers look for. So we’ve compiled a list of seven things home buyers most want, based on a survey we conducted late last year to uncover what home buyers get a second opinion on.

A third of Aussies live pay cheque to pay cheque. Mozo. Tuesday 19 february 2013.. And astonishingly this figure peaks among 45 to 54 year olds who are at the top of their earning capacity.. Those looking to relieve financial pressure and get their savings on track should begin with using a budget calculator.

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From the World Cup to the royal wedding, and from Barnaby Joyce to My Health Record, this is what we wanted to know about this year. Google’s 2018 year in review: What Aussies searched for in 2018

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