Access to Cheap Money Has a Racial Gap

There is arguably no racial disparity more striking than the wealth gap. While the median white household earns just 65 percent more income than its black counterpart, its net worth is fully ten times as high. And, unlike income, which individuals earn in their own lifetimes, wealth accrues over generations, and whites are more than three times as likely as blacks to inherit money from their.

The racial wage gap for blacks and whites has been observed to be lower in the public sector than the private sector. In a 2001 analysis, a $3.65 difference per hour was found between blacks and whites in the private sector, a 34 percent difference.

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The Racial Wealth Audit is designed to fill the void in our understanding of the racial wealth gap and enhance our ability to reduce the gap through policy. It is an essential new measurement framework for assessment to facilitate informed decisions about the role of policy in asset-building, economic stability, and the racial wealth gap.

The racial wage gap for blacks and whites has been observed to be lower in the public sector than the private sector. These include President Kenyatta’s Big Four agenda of creating jobs, ensuring access to universal healthcare and nutritious. Access to Cheap Money Has a Racial Gap White adults in the U.S. are significantly more likely to have.

The racial wealth gap has significant negative impacts on the quality of life and life chances of Black and Latino people. It is wealth-assets held independent of one’s monthly income-that allow people to survive unexpected losses of income.

This is in part due to the enormous racial wealth gap between Black and white families in the United States. It’s important to remember that this wealth gap is directly tied to American slavery, and is perpetuated today by a loss in upward mobility stemming from (you guessed it) unequal housing costs.

The Racial Wealth Audit TM is a new framework that evaluates the impact of public policy on the wealth gap between white households and households of color. The audit helps us to understand how far policies that equalize outcomes in areas such as housing, education, and labor markets could go toward reducing the gap.

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