Australia’s debt dilemma – a concern or a crisis?

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For the Right debt is a cause, if not the cause, of economic stagnation and crisis. For the Left Australia’s debt levels are unproblematic and the panic over debt is a production of the fetid imagination of the neoliberals and/or a cynical manoeuvre to justify the sort of.

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8 days ago · When the next crisis comes, don’t blame the central bankers. Instead we’ve had the absurdity of state banks responding to one debt crisis by fuelling the next one.. the dilemma facing.

So the RBA’s dilemma is leave things as they are and "households having decided that they had borrowed too much, might cut back consumption sharply, hurting the overall economy and employment." – putting more pressure on wages and debt servicing. Cut rates and they risk people taking on more debt and inflate the property bubble even more.

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Democracy’s Debt Dilemma. John coleman; april 24, 2012. Europe is suffering what is being widely termed a "debt crisis," and as a recent IMF report. This should concern young leaders.

Australia is in crisis. Not economically – despite slowing growth, the domestic outlook is still one to which nearly all other major economies can only aspire. As one senior diplomat put it last.

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Back then it was a crisis. If this is a crisis, the selling hasn’t really started. lehman brothers had just gone bust and debt. The other concern is that far from being a safe haven, as it has been.

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Australia’s foreign debt time bomb. About a decade ago, when foreign debt was $535bn, it was closer to 5 per cent. Back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest a return to 5 per cent would cost more than $20bn a year in extra interest payments, money that could have gone on new cars, smartphones or kitchen renovations.

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However, the crisis has hit hardest those with no. analysts Nueva Mayoriá had unemployment as their No 1 concern, followed by insecurity, corruption and education. As for international debt, only 1.