Con man who once sold bogus LeBron-era Heat season tickets gets 9 years in prison

Sunday, May 18, 2008 (okay, nine years ago and about 18 hours) Celtics vs. Cavaliers, Eastern Conference Semifinals, game 7. As the playoffs opened, the newly-assembled Celtics had completed an impressive regular season, the #1 seed in all the NBA, with not only the Big 3 but a complementary cast that included an under-rated point guard (Playoff Rondo), sharp-shooter Eddie House, and sixth-man.

He previously served time for falsely selling Miami Heat season tickets. A federal judge on Friday sentenced George French Jones to 9 years in prison for faking identities to get mortgages on.

Notorious Miami con man george french jones Gets 9 Years Of Clutching His Soap In Federal Prison Showers. The federal judge last week sentenced a notorious Miami con man to nine years in prison. Notorious Miami Con man george french jones. people sold out season tickets for Miami Heat games..

Skip Bayless on why LeBron breaking Michael Jordan’s record isn’t as impressive as it seems. On Thursday night the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics to advance to the NBA Finals, where they will once again square off against the golden state warriors. During the game, LeBron James scored the 5,988th playoff point of his career,

The Miami Herald reports that heat star lebron James has bought a $9 million mansion in Miami.

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An estate agent who photographed his clients’ bank cards while showing prospective buyers around their homes was jailed for two years today. ayodele oladuti. agent by faking his CV and setting up a.

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9-1. Just Spell the Name Correctly P. T. Barnum, the great circus impresario, was once accosted by a woman who showed him a scurrilous manuscript about himself, and said that unless he paid her, she would have the book printed. barnum rejected the extortion attempt.

A female prison guard. Another terrified man was kidnapped and told he would ‘chopped to pieces’ unless he agreed to work for the gang. Marvin got an indeterminate sentence for public protection,

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Now the baddest man on the planet’ wants the world to forgive him, even as he cashes in on his dissolute, squalid life with what must be the most cynical autobiography for years. sold off his cars.