Elizabeth Police Find Toddler Children Home Alone


Photos by Karla Coral

Elizabeth, NJ – Police arrive to Elizabeth Avenue after someone reported that two toddler children were left alone by mother because she was ill and had allegedly gone to hospital.

The unattended children report brought police to 857 Elizabeth Ave. at about 2:00pm. After unsuccessful attempts to enter building, Elizabeth fire fighters entered building through fire escape on the rear of building.

Police confirmed that in fact two young children where found in an unkempt apartment, said authorities. There was a third person found in apartment, which is believed to have mental disabilities. Identity or ages of children could not be released.

Both children were taken to local hospital to be evaluated and DYFS was called.

Mother and a boy, who appeared to be around 6 years old, arrived at the scene shortly after.

After a brief conversation with police, both mother and child were taken in police patrol car.

One injury was reported, a responder suffered injuries to ankle as he attempted to access children through fire escape.

Photos by Karla Coral


Elizabeth mother leaves toddler children alone in apartment.