Guess which Mississippi city has the nation’s worst credit score?

Credit > Can You Guess Your Credit Score?: Date: 10/08/2007 Your credit score is an extremely important and valuable asset. It can be used to determine everything from your rates on a home loan to whether or not you are accepted for an apartment rental or an employment opportunity.

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Gulfport, Mississippi, which WalletHub ranks in 8th place among the United States’ most sinful cities. (As you might guess from its name, Gulfport is located on the Gulf of Mexico and has a.

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Among the states with the worst credit scores, a high majority — eight out of 10 — are located in the South, showing a significant trend of poor credit in this region.

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LendEDU put together a ranking of the 500 American cities that have the best average credit scores. Also included was a list of the 500 cities in the U.S. where credit scores are the worst. Additionally, LendEDU has ranked the 100 most populous U.S. cities based on their respective average credit score. Using.

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Based on 24/7 Wall St.’s analysis, Mississippi is the worst state for women in the nation. In all of the worst rated states, women were less likely than their male peers to hold private sector management positions. In two of the worst states – South Dakota and Utah – women held fewer than one in three management jobs.

Score: 56. North Carolina is one of the few places where you can visit rugged mountains and sandy beaches in the same day. With its hot and humid summers and mild-to-chilly winters, the Tar Heel State has the perfect climate for enjoying its charming towns and waterfronts, NASCAR racing and amazing barbecue any time of the year.