How I Got My Credit Score to 818

Advertisement As a Credit Karma member, I frequently check in to see how my credit is doing and make sure there’s nothing suspicious going on there. I really like Credit Karma because it’s free, provides detailed information about changes to your credit score, you can link all your accounts to monitor your debt to savings [.]

Of course, you shouldn’t buy a new car just to improve your credit score. Sanford suggests adding your name to a spouse’s existing installment loan – another move you can make without a credit inquiry. Credit inquiries account for 10 percent of your FICO score, so it’s a good idea to limit them if you intend to join the credit elite.

I pay my. credit score could be as mystifying as an SAT or ACT score? But if you’re looking for an elite credit card with amazing rewards or the best rate on a mortgage, you’re hyper-focused on.

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While exact details of how your 818 credit score was calculated is an industry secret, we do know that credit scores are formulated using many different pieces of data from your credit report. This data is grouped into five categories as shown below.

My credit score does all this for me because it’s 818, which is considered to be an excellent score. If you’re wondering how it got to be so high, here are the steps I’ve taken to raise my.

After years of effort, I have a credit score of 818. Here’s how I got my score to be so high. Image source: Getty Images. While it may seem like just another number, your credit score is actually.

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Watts: Pay everybody on time, keep your account balances low on credit cards, take on new credit obligations sparingly, and then continue managing credit for a long time. Typically people who score in the mid-800s have been managing credit for at least a couple of decades. Gagliano: So,

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