How to get on to the property ladder

Several mortgage lenders offer special mortgage deals aimed at helping people struggling to get on the property ladder. These include: castle trust partnership. financial services company castle trust offers shared equity mortgages, but you’ll need a 20% deposit to be eligible. A "Partnership Mortgage" is provided by Castle Trust for 20% of the value of the home, with a normal mortgage taken out for the remaining 60%.

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RAMS home loan expert, Ken Wilson explains the how he has helped first home buyers onto the property ladder and some alternative ways you could own your home sooner. Subscribe to stay updated on.

Commercial property can offer good yields and it’s a tangible asset that people can see and touch. But, for many New Zealanders looking to invest in commercial property, it’s just too expensive to own a building outright.. How to get onto the property ladder (without buying)

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chairman of the Rawson Property Group, "but trying to get a bond on a starter salary – even in a high-paying career – can be difficult to do. "A sectional title unit in a good area with good growth. Contribution sharing tips for first buyers on how to get onto the property ladder in the UK.

One of the most important decisions that a person will make in their lifetime is the decision to get onto the property ladder. The current ever-growing property prices can be intimidating and quite frankly, just plain scary, but if the proper precautions are taken it is well worth it and will without a doubt outclass any other kind of investment that you could make.

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How to get onto the property ladder No matter what st age of life you are at, it’s never too early or late to climb onto the sometimes elusive property ladder. Whether you’ve always dreamed of owning your own home or you’ve chosen to "do other things" with your hard earned dollars, there usually comes a point in time where putting down.

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The bank of mum and dad. Rather than handing over the cash, parents who want to help their children onto the property ladder can use initiatives like the ‘Barclays Springboard’ or ‘The Family Mortgage’ instead. The Barclays Springboard for example, doesn’t require the buyer to have a deposit as long as mum and dad provide 10%.