H&R Block sheds bank and unveils $3.5 billion stock buyback plan

H&R Block said it fared better this year during its historically weak first quarter. The company also completed the sale of the H&R Block Bank. Bloomberg H&R Block Inc. unveiled a massive $3.5.

In September 2015, H&R Block sold H&R Block Bank to BofI Holding Inc. The two companies reached an agreement for BofI to serve as the bank for H&R Block-branded financial services products including the Emerald MasterCard, Refund Anticipation Checks, and Emerald Advance lines of credit.

The group expects holiday sales to increase modestly by 3.9 percent to $602 billion. The LABJ Stock Index rose 2 points to 171. The West L.A. company announced Tuesday that it has launched a free.

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North America revenue grew 2% to $3.3 billion, but was below expectations of $3.4 billion. The stock has tumbled 30% over the past three months through Friday, while the VanEck Oil Services ETF.