IRS targets, slaps liens on Rep. Daphne Campbell

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State Rep. Daphne Campbell was under investigation for Medicaid Fraud, may still be. She votes wrong on just about every issue, she has to go. She sides with Republicans on restricting women’s reproductive rights and has threatened to switch parties. Campbell went to an event at the Christian Family Coalition — Anthony Verdugo. Ick to that.

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by agents from the Internal Revenue Service [IRS], the legal problems and potential disaster for Campbell, 55, her husband Hubert, 47 and son, may mark the beginning of the end for her politi-cal future. Campbell has yet to make an – official statement but said in an interview with The ‘ Miami Times, that she is innocent of any wrong doing.

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State Representative Daphne Campbell is under federal investigation.. The IRS has slapped liens on Campbell and her husband Hubert totaling $145,000. She told the paper she knew nothing about.

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Scandal: Before his 2010 letter urging the IRS to target conservatives, the Senate majority whip’s 1996 campaign benefited from the targeting of his opponent by a Federal Election Commission.

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Daphne Campbell (born May 19, 1957) is a former Democratic member of the Florida Senate who represented the 38th district, including Miami Beach, North Miami, and other parts of northeastern Miami-Dade County, since 2016.Previously, she served three terms in the Florida House of Representatives, representing the 108th district from 2010 to 2016.