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Should I Fix Foundation Issues Before Buying Or Selling A Home?. savvy buyer will order a thorough house inspection performed by a licensed structural engineer prior to purchasing a home. During this inspection, a qualified inspector will be able to detect any damage to the foundation.

A foundation problem is one of the most intimidating things you can encounter when buying a house. If you agree to buy a home after foundation issues have already been detected and documented, you are assuming the responsibility (and cost) of addressing those issues. You cannot later try to hold the previous owner accountable.

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Are you aware of foundation issues with the home? Note that anything found during the pre-sale home inspection would be disclosed at the same time as any issues you already knew about in your home. Disclosures are usually shared upon receipt of an offer but can also be made available to interested buyers before they make an offer.

As mentioned previously, the issues a buyer should focus on asking a seller to repair or replace are significant structural, mechanical, or environmental defects. These are the substantial home inspection problems. It is reasonable to assume that any buyer would want these items fixed if discovered after a home inspection has taken place.

Should Buyers and Sellers Agents Be at Home Inspections? One of the popular questions I get from homeowners after accepting an offer on their home is who will be at the home inspection. If you have not sold a home in a while it is certainly a legitimate question to ask. The answer however, is not clear cut and dry.

Buyer – foundational issues found during home inspection – should I worry? 6 · 6 comments. and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. × 0. 0. 0. Buying a house with an old septic tank (self.RealEstate). I prefer every 2 years just because I don’t want to go longer than that without an inspection. But this is not a healthy system.

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