Stop Lying To Me About Trump’s Tariffs

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Stop lying to me about Trump’s tariffs. marketwatch. warriors owner Joe Lacob’s wife says she received death threats from Beyonc fans. Yahoo Sports. PHOTOS: Marawi’s ruins a reminder of Islamic State’s devastating reach. Yahoo News Photo Staff.

Skip to comments. Opinion: The media is lying to you about Trump’s china tariffs market watch ^ | 14 May 2019 | Brett Arends Posted on 05/15/2019 6:15:44 AM PDT by Politically Correct. Are you kidding me? I’m used to partisan, inaccurate drivel from all sides these days, but the media’s coverage of President Trump’s tariffs and the so-called "trade war" takes some kind of cake.

As a believer in free markets, I am generally against tariffs. I am open to what Trump is trying to do. If the purpose is to open up markets in the USA like steel manufacturing, I am willing to.

Brett Arends writes at Market Watch The media is lying to you about Trump’s China tariffs. Excerpts in italics with my bolds. The hysteria must have a political agenda because the amount that’s being charged is peanuts. Are you kidding me? I’m used to partisan, inaccurate drivel from all sides these days, but the media’s.

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His retreat in the partial shutdown capped a head-spinning week in which Trump also repeated questionable assertions that a border wall would stop crime and drugs from. A look at the rhetoric and.

Don’t you know, that if a D president lied and continued lying like Trump has done regarding tariffs, the right wing would be relentlessly hammering him or her. I haven’t heard one peep from anyone on DTT’s right wing about DJT’s continuing to lie about his Chinese tariffs.

called Trump the "distractor-in-chief" in an interview Monday on CBSN’s Red & blue private jet had just touched down on its.

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With the U.S.-China trade war intensifying, there is a lot of talk about whether tariffs save American jobs. Political economists like me have been exploring this question since Trump’s trade war.

Bradenton Herald letter to the editor: Reader says President Donald Trump is misleading American public about who pays tariffs he is raising on China and other countries. Donald Trump is lying.