What to Do With Life Insurance Proceeds

Although life insurance might be a good source of income for your children if you die, before buying a life insurance policy you should carefully consider whether or not you really need it, what type of policy is best, and who should manage the proceeds on behalf of your children.

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Life insurance proceeds that go directly to a named beneficiary never become part of the decedent’s probate estate, so the money isn’t available to creditors. Beneficiaries have no legal obligation to use the money to satisfy the decedent’s debts unless they also happen to be cosigners on the loans.

It’s usually not cost effective to buy a life insurance policy as a retiree, person with no dependents, or a child or young.

One of the benefits of owning life insurance is the ability to generate a large sum of money payable to. If you want your life insurance proceeds to avoid federal taxation, you'll need to transfer. Do Beneficiaries Pay Taxes on Life Insurance?

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Do's and don'ts for handling life insurance proceeds after a spouse dies.

Do's and don'ts for handling life insurance proceeds after a spouse dies.

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Life insurers can offer you different options for receiving life insurance proceeds after your loved one passes away. For example, you may be offered a lump sum payment, installment payments from an interest-earning account that’s created by the insurance company for you, or an annuity option, which would provide lifetime income.

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When Life Insurance Is Part of an Estate. A life insurance policy has one or more designated beneficiaries if the decedent completed a beneficiary designation form for the policy before his death. If at least one of the designated beneficiaries survives the decedent, the life insurance proceeds pass directly to the beneficiary outside of probate.