What’s really happening to house prices

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The property market is one of Britain’s great soap operas, with plenty of twists and turns and heroes and villains along the way. At the moment there is a cliffhanger: will house prices start.

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What’s happening to house prices? House prices have increased on average 0.5% in the past month, however, the pace of average annual house price growth continues to slow to 3.2%. The major house price indices differ in their outlook for house prices this month: Land Registry (1.1%) and Halifax (1.1%) report a rise in monthly house prices;

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Most of the public concern about housing markets is based on claims that house prices have increased at historically anomalous rates and that house prices have outpaced incomes.. What’s Really Happening in Housing Markets? 07.01.07 Meet the Authors.

House price growth is starting to slow, according to several of the main house price indices. Nationwide’s index this week reported a slowdown in the annual rate of growth from 9.4% in September.

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However, the best thing that could actually happen to house prices in the UK is . . . nothing at all. If prices stick where they are for, say, five to seven years – or at least rise by 3 per.

House prices have risen in every region but four over the last month and annual price growth is unchanged at 1.9%, our exclusive analysis shows. Register with lovemoney.com and connect with clever people, personalised content and all the tools you need to get the most out of your money.

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