Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT

The need for government regulation. We live in a nation of laws, and the government needs to play an important role in regulating facial recognition technology. As a general principle, it seems more sensible to ask an elected government to regulate companies than to ask unelected companies to regulate such a government.

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Meanwhile, in the absence of federal rules, lawmakers in Amazon’s home state of Washington are considering their own bill to regulate. understand why people want there to be oversight and.

The conflict has, however, also brought about social changes that previously would have been thought impossible, particularly.

Kim Hart at Axios argues that’s why Microsoft has, for the most part, managed to avoid the backlash against big tech. “microsoft, which trudged through its own antitrust. bill that would regulate.

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Microsoft has helped innovate facial recognition software. Now it’s urging the US government to enact regulation to control the use of the technology.

Microsoft’s president and chief legal officer argues that the use of facial-recognition technology needs regulation. This will help put the public at ease and ensure that the technology is only.

Microsoft president Brad Smith has called on government to regulate facial recognition technology, citing concerns that it is open to abuse. While he acknowledges that technology company have a.

It’s a bold public move that means Amazon is joining other prominent tech companies, especially Microsoft, that have also called for stronger rules about how their own facial recognition systems can be used – suggesting that business leaders are wisening up to how their technology can be abused.

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Microsoft Wants Rules for Facial Recognition-Just Not These. on two competing bills to regulate facial recognition.. the company issued its own call for new legislation on facial.